Why Product Announcements are as Important as Products

Apple has built a reputation as a formidable technology and multi-media company. While much of this has been driven by the company's innovative products, some credit is due to how Apple positions these products long before they are even launched. Apple mastered the art of building buzz around these products and answering just enough questions to keep people guessing.

Apple’s product launch strategy serves two purposes. First, it allows nearly every technology reporter a chance to write about the product and hopefully, fuel additional buzz in the process. Simply put, you cannot put a price on this kind of free marketing. Second, the feedback from technology reporters and consumers allows Apple to tweak the product specs prior to launch or at the very least, the product's market positioning. It's nice to use the entire world as your focus group and Apple has successfully orchestrated just that.

Apple's product buzz fuels the company's stock price momentum which few investors complain about. However, on the rare occasion that the product hype exceeds the product demand, a surging stock can quickly fizzle.

Reuben Advani is the president of The BARBRI Financial Skills Institute and the author of two finance books. More information on this and other topics can be found at http://legalpractice.barbri.com

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