The BARBRI Evolution
BARBRI provides instruction, direction and assistance at every step of legal learning.

Long known as the leader in law school learning and bar review, BARBRI made a decision to expand its resources to reach the full spectrum of the legal learning community, beginning with pre-law and extending to practicing attorneys – in essence, re-defining the legal education process.

Part of our expansion strategy was to acquire the best in professional development expertise, which led to the launch of a very important segment of our business, BARBRI for Legal Practice. Our goal is to demonstrate the true value of continuing education by helping indoctrinate and educate new firm associates, improve firm areas of expertise, increase competency and proficiency, and consequently, give your firm an edge in attracting new clients, while becoming more productive and improving billings.

By dedicating our specialized efforts to the entire legal community, we have created the industry’s most powerful and beneficial learning framework for law students and lawyers, alike.