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Financial acumen for legal professionals.

“The business of America is business” – Calvin Coolidge, 30th U.S. President

Those words have held true since Calvin Coolidge first said them in 1925. And that means that business has, and always will, play a major part in the U.S. legal system. And it’s part of the reason why more and more firms are paying particular attention to not only business law, but business systems. Systems like finance and accounting, and how those systems play out in the courtrooms of America. That’s why our Mini MBA can be such a major part of your firm’s infrastructure.

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A solid foundation of the legal/business relationship.

The six-part Mini MBA financial series offers legal professionals across all areas of your firm an overview of finance and accounting, relating these business concepts to a broad spectrum of practice areas. From exploring basic elements and principles of accounting to more intricate and advanced financial concepts, the course progresses to give your firm a working understanding of business as it applies to the law. It’s an invaluable edge in today’s ever-expanding business climate.

Each segment is focused on a particular topic and can be taken as a stand-alone course with no prerequisite. However, they’re designed as a progressive system in terms of difficulty, from basic to advanced. That makes them perfectly customizable, so each staff member can opt-in at their own level of understanding and still gain invaluable knowledge, regardless of the number of courses taken.

Benefits with positive impact on your firm.

The more you know, the better you can perform. It’s true in any endeavor, but particularly true – and important – in the legal field. From depositions to courtroom proceedings, the better understanding of business through our Mini MBA is geared to improve your firm’s performance by:

  • Creating proficiency and enhancing financial aptitude
  • Building financial competence
  • Improved client communications
  • Helping meet client expectations

Test Your Financial IQ

Can You Speak the Language of Clients and Management?
Financial literacy is a fundamental skill expected of legal professionals in today’s marketplace. The ACEDS Mini MBA Financial Series responds to the need for lawyers to have a baseline of financial and budgeting know-how to read, interpret and act upon financial documents.

This 12-question assessment reflects diverse topics in financial, practical and new associate skills designed to gauge financial competence and proficiency.

Here's What Firms Are Saying About Us

"A great course for anyone who often consults with lawyers in relation to financial institution litigation or eager to learn basics of Finance; especially if you want to have a better insight into financial transaction related terms such interest swap rate, special purpose vehicle, derivatives, stock options and so on."

Consilio, LLC

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