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Bar Review / Firm Pay

For over five decades, BARBRI has led the way in bar review. In fact, each year, more law students pass the bar using BARBRI than by using all other prep courses – combined.

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The BARBRI Way is a methodology designed to give students motivation to keep moving forward during their preparation, mastery of the subject matter, and resilience to handle all the pressure the bar throws their way.

For your firm, The BARBRI Way is a value add, and an important one. It shows candidates that you are partnering with the one true leader. Which in turn, shows that you are willing to invest in their future as you help them prepare for, and pass, their bar exam.

Firm Pay. The ultimate investment.

Not to be confused with the ultimate cost. Because with BARBRI Firm Pay, you’re able to offer world-class bar prep at a reduced rate. That means you’re able to sweeten your compensation package at a less than dollar-for-dollar rate, saving up to 25% and eliminating the standard $250 out-of-pocket costs for book deposits for your firm’s students. In addition, BARBRI Firm Pay guarantees unlimited online class retakes for associates and will reimburse repeat exam fees up to three times.

Choose the option that best suits your firm.

We offer two tiers of Firm Pay:

Firm Pass: BARBRI automatically enrolls your incoming associates in BARBRI Bar Review Ultimate Pass at a fee of $2999 per enrollee (a $1000 discount) with no option for associates to decline.

Firm Pass with Opt-Out: For a slightly higher fee ($3299), associates have the option to take advantage of BARBRI Bar Review Ultimate Pass. You set the decision date, and you pay only for the students who opt in.

Both options provide savings to your firm while offering your associates the chance to take advantage of the gold standard in bar prep. Implementation is easy, with BARBRI providing draft language to send new hires, and each option can receive a $400 tech upgrade in the form of an iPad or Surface Tablet to make bar review more accessible.

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