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BARBRI Bar Review Firm Pass

For over five decades, BARBRI has led the way in bar review. In fact, each year, more law students pass the bar using BARBRI than by using all other prep courses – combined.


The BARBRI Way is a methodology designed to give students motivation to keep moving forward during their preparation, mastery of the subject matter, and resilience to handle all the pressure the bar throws their way.

For your firm, The BARBRI Way is a value add, and an important one. It shows candidates that you are partnering with the one true leader. Which in turn, shows that you are willing to invest in their future as you help them prepare for, and pass, their bar exam.

BARBRI Bar Review Firm Pass = Enhanced Benefits

Stand out as a law firm by providing incoming associates with BARBRI’s enhanced product features – only available to participating law firms 

Provide a choice of a bar review prep course

Eliminate out-of-pocket costs for new associates – $250 student paid book deposit waived

Have peace of mind knowing that BARBRI is the largest U.S. bar preparation and legal exam company in the world

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BARBRI Bar Review Firm Pass

The Ultimate Investment

The BARBRI Bar Review Firm Pass offers law firms a way to give incoming associates the best, most proven legal exam preparation with enhanced features. AND it makes it easy for your firm to bring the #1 bar review experience to future attorneys at a cost savings.

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