For admins, legal secretaries, LIT support, project managers, and paralegals

Paralegal Certificate Course©

The heart of a healthy law firm

More and more, paralegals are taking on duties and roles once given to legal secretaries or even entry-level lawyers. With these additional duties and roles, however, comes an enhanced need for properly trained and job-ready paralegals, which is exactly what you’ll get with our Paralegal Certificate Course©. Flexible and 100% online, the course allows for learners to continue work while taking the course around their schedule.

Benefits for Law Firms

Onboard Employees Faster

It’s simple outsourcing, really. But it’s a real tangible benefit, as our instructors are specialists in the training and certification of paralegals, so the job gets done quicker and more efficiently. Not only that, it also frees time so that other staff can take on more important duties.

Flexible Training Options

Employees can advance their skills 100% online when and where works best for your schedule. CLS advances the education and job capabilities of thousands of legal support professionals every year.

Improve collaboration, communication and decision making

When everyone speaks the same language, especially the nuanced and specific language of the law, the entire firm benefits. In addition, paralegals feel more involved, leading to increased job satisfaction and reduced churn.

Six Reasons Why You Need Staff Training

Download this brochure to learn how you can increase your billable hours with advanced legal support staff training.

Bringing out the best in your best and brightest.

It’s not just preparing people to excel at your firm. It’s optimal preparation from a source you know and trust: BARBRI. And, since you can customize your program, choosing from courses along our entire product catalog, you’re getting the efficiency and flexibility you need to have your practice operating at its peak. BARBRI Legal Practice: How can we help take your firm to the next level?

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